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Salvatore Lucania
alias Charles Ross, aka Charlie Lucky
Universally Known as Lucky Luciano

Thomas E. Dewey brought the members of the Mott Street Mob together under the Joinder Law that Gov. Herbert Lehman pushed through the NYS Legislature in 1936. The law made it possible to prosecute several known criminals together under a single indictment. The implementation of this law helped to convict Luciano. In the courtroom alongside the Mott Street Mob, Luciano looked like a common thug. The association influenced the jury.

A jury convicted Luciano on June 5, 1936, to Sixty-Two Counts of Compulsory Prostitution. Judge Philip McCook sentenced Luciano to 30-50 years while his co-defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 2-4 years for Al Weiner to 25-40 years for David Betillo.

David "Little Davie"Betillo

Little Davie provided loan shark capital to shylocks who loaned money to prostitutes. He was a known associate of Lucky Luciano.

Tommy the Bull

The treasurer of the Prostitution Bonding Combination, Tommy the Bull was the highest-ranking member of the Mott St. Mob. An associate of Lucky Luciano, Bull was a narcotics dealer with a long criminal record.

Jesse Jacobs

The head of the bail bonding operation known as the West Tenth St. Bar, Jacobs had come to the attention of Civic Reformer Judge Samuel Seabury in 1931 for illegal bail bonds activities in the Women's Court. Along with other bail bondsmen of the Bonding Combination, Jacobs would cut a deal after his conviction to avoid a long prison term.

Al Weiner

Not a bookie who took bets, a booker supplied prostitutes to madams and got a commission. The bookers were intimidated by the Mott Street Mob, and forced to join the Bonding Combination. The Combination extorted large sums of money from bookers and madams.

Willy Spiller

Willy Spiller was one of 3 brothers who loansharked money to the prostitutes. They collected it at high interest, then put the money back into the combination. It was a deadly Catch-22.

The Combination

Thomas "the Bull" Pennochio, Long Criminal Record, Head of Mott Street Mob
Abe Wahrman, aka or "Little Abie," or "Abe Heller," Mott Street Mob
David "Little David" Betillo, Mott Street Mob
James Frederico aka "Jimmy Fredericks," Extortionist from non-member houses

Loan Sharking & Collection

Spiller Brothers: William, Benny and Danny, Loan sharks to madams & girls.
Gustave "Cut Rate Gus" Koenig. Loan shark and dress salesman to prostitutes & madams

117 West 10th Street Bail Bonds Group

Jesse Jacobs, Unlicensed bondsman
Meyer Berkman, Assists Jesse Jacobs
Abraham Karp, Disbarred lawyer, fixer for the ring, coaches girls on testimony
Max Rachlin, Attorney for the combination. Connected with David Markowitz of 72 Mott Street, whose office is used by Tommy the Bull and other members of the combination.
Christopher "Binge" Redman, Court runner for Rachlin. Connected with whole mob


"Pete Harris" aka Peter Balitzer, Important booker.
Joseph "Jo Jo" Weintraub, books girls & collects for Harris
Lawrence "Red" Healy, Assistant to Pete Harris
Eddie Balitzer, brother of Pete Harris. Assists Harris
Mildred Balitzer, wife of Pete Harris. Connected with whole mob
Jack Ellenstein aka Jack Eller. Successor to Nick Montana (arrested & convicted 1935)
Andrew "Co Co" Attardie. Drives Jack Eller on collections
Shirley Mason. Kept by Jack Eller in a penthouse & assistant in booking
Al Weiner aka "Dumb Al" Son of "Cockeyed Louie" Weiner, and his successor
David Marcus aka Dave Miller. Books houses in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Ruth Marcus, his wife

Former Bookers, Pre-1933

Charlie Spinach. Booker put out of business by Bonding Combination
Isadore Plattner aka "Spike Green" Booker put out of business by Bonding Combination

Collection and Enforcement

Al Mayo (or Mayer) aka "Yoke." Collector for the combination
Ralph "The Pimp" Liguori
Joe King, Bartender and collector
Joe Levine, strong-arm man
Santos "Chappie" Selafani, Collector
Danny Brooks, Assistant and driver for Jimmy Fredericks

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